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GLsee is a fast image viewer for new NVidia cards. It's tested under Linux with an FX5600 card. The NVidia driver version should be at least 61.06 (it came out at the end of June in 2004). For optimal speed you shold have the following extensions supported:

  • GL_NV_texture_rectangle (it is also supported for ATI cards with Mesa 5.0 or later)
  • GL_NV_register_combiners
  • GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object (it is not yet available for ATI cards AFAIK)

Type glxinfo for version and extensions information.

ATI cards could use the color matrix extension (it would be easy to write) but it's not yet in the program (maybe for release 0.2).


The newest version of glsee is 0.1.1. Go ahead and download it.


If you have any question or comment feel free to write to the users' forum (now you can post anonymously).

You can also request for a feature or report a bug . Developers can use the developers' forum.


What feature would you like to see in GLSee?

better keyboard support
mouse support
show information about images
show jpg-s faster
show other images faster
autoconf support
better support for ATI cards
directory browsing
I couldn't use GLSee

Installation procedure:

  • install NVidia driver 61.06 or newer
  • install the following libraries with development files: libglut, libjpeg, and imlib2
  • type make in the source directory (if you have problems, look in the Makefile and conf.hh)

Usage: ./glsee file.jpg...

You can use the following keys:
n p next page/previous page
q quit
j k l h down, up, right, left
. , zoom in/out
x delete image and move to .deleted directory (don't use it.. not tested, not good enough)


Fast displaying of jpg-s. Supports also some other formats like png, gif and it can also be setup for djvu support (although you need the djvu CVS for that). Basic PS and PDF support is also achieved with external programs (Ghost Script and Acrobat Reader).

The next planned release won't have any new features. There's a memory leak because there isn't any kind of memory management for Pixel Buffer Objects.. We should have an own memory manager for the texture memory. Hardware detection support and autoconf/automake will also go into release 0.2.

Supported hardware:

The program should run on any newer NVidia card.. maybe older ones too. If you have another card please send your glxinfo output to me even if the program doesn't work (xiphias <at> The filename should be something like glxinfo.RADEON7500 (change RADEON7500 to the name of your card).